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Day trips and Local visitor attractions

There are many wonderful walks in our valley, caves to explore and waterfall pools to swim in and in addition we are only a short distance away from many interesting places for short day trips. These are just a few...   

Amba Estate

We are a 5 min walk from the Amba Estate tea factory who run tea tours every weekday at 11 am (apart from Poya days and public holidays) Tours take about an hour and are free for Clove Tree Guests. This is an opportunity to learn about Amba's unique artisanal hand-rolled teas, the history of the estate and other products. This is a complete contrast to the large scale factories. Amba's rare teas are sold around the world in outlets such as Fortnum and Mason, Rare Tea Co, Canton Tea and
​Harney and Son's (

Amba photos courtesy of Will Clarkeson

​Lipton's Seat
Is a 40 min drive away and has a spectacular viewpoint. You can walk a little or a lot depending on how close to the top you ask to be dropped off.

Ella Rock For the adventurous, you can hike up Ella rock and down into Ella in about 4 hours.

Ella and Little Adam's Peak Ella is a 40 min drive away and from Ella you can make the short hike up Little Adams Peak followed by lunch at nearby 98 Acres Resort in their open air pavilion set among tea fields with stunning views towards Ella Rock and the coast.

Halpewatte Tea Factory and Halpe Handloom Shop
If you want to see large scale factory tea production as a contrast to Amba's micro production this local factory runs tours and is about 40 mins away by car. Near to Halpewatte there is also a Handloom factory and craft shop.

Bandarawela and Duwa Temple Bandarawela is 40 minutes away and you can visit the ancient Duwa Temple which has wonderful paintings. There is a market on Sundays and you can have lunch in old colonial style at the Bandarawela Hotel.

Buduruwagala nature reserve and ancient Buddha carvings Are close to Wellawaya approximately a 45 minute drive away. Travel through this small nature reserve past small tanks to this ancient historical and religious site.

Is an ancient site with a huge stone carved Buddha and a carving of one of the ancient kings. This site is approximately 1.5h drive through lush paddy fields.

Diyaluma Falls and Pilkington Point

Drive though back roads to the top of Diyaluma falls for about an hour and after a 30-40 min hike reach the river with spectacular views and good waterfall pools for secluded swimming. 

Day trips by Train

If you haven't experienced rail travel in Sri Lanka it's possible to take a short trip from Bandarawela to Haputale where you can visit Addisham Monastery or Ohiya which is the station nearest to World's end.

 Amba Estate Guest House Annex, near Ella, Sri Lanka

Amba Estate / Clove Tree  Annex